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We have a core purpose; that is the ultimate satisfaction of customer’s desires. We are aware of the toughness of everyday life on earth and that is why we found easy organic herbal solutions for your complex problems. Haayur Herbals having the high ethical value and environment responsibility, so our products will reflect the same value. All of our ingredients are honestly sourced organic herbs; this will not give you any harm. No chemical content that can be harmful to the people and the environment and it is always safe.

We are socially responsible
to help farmers

Unlike the world, Indian farmers are poor and people do not respect them, who give us the daily food, which is the essential part of our lives. Many farmers are facing poverty and very difficult to survive. We at Haayur Herbals committed to give away a part of our income to these families, for better equipments, seeds or even for the education for their young children. So every product you buy from us, you are being a part of a good culture for a better world.

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A blessging to the mankind

The word "Ayurveda" is Sanskrit: meaning "life-knowledge, it is the oldest medical system in the world. It is believed that Ayurvedic medical knowledge was transmitted from gods to sages, and then to human physicians. Despite of the belief, ancient scripts and texts proves that there are tremendous benefits from Ayurveda to the mankind. Ayurveda has proven treatments to most of the diseases in the world. Ayurveda has historical roots in the Indian subcontinent.

Kathir Keśānta is new to the market, however the formula that we’ve used has anciently evolved and many people benefitted. All of our products has enriched with essential herbs and without the trace of harmful chemicals.

why kathir Kesanta?

In these modern times, there are several factors that affect the health of your hair and scalp: Industrial products such as some hair oils, chemical content shampoos, anabolic steroids, etc. Also unhealthy diet, over styling, environmental factors, even polluted water, stress, lack of knowledge in hair care methods shall affect the hair health. Most of the chemical products will unbalance the ph value of our scalp; it causes dandruff and end up with hair loss.

As we all know, we have thousands of products available in the market for hair issues, many of us already tried it. So forget about all large industrial products, Kathir Kesanta is handmade type hair oil with 100% quality. Haayur’s traditional Ayurvedic formula helps to regain the health and wellness of your scalp and hair.

This oil found effective for the following problems

Itchy and Flaky scalp | Hair fall | Premature Graying
Also it acts as a natural hair conditioner.

  • Added Lavender Organic Essential Oil
No HARMFUL chemical compounds, 100% natural
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I’ve never seen a product like this:
  • BEST

I’ve never seen a product like this: ‘It’s so hard to find a product like this finally without chemicals wow its amazing is that any chance to get some beard oil without chemicals’.

Alex Gerard Cochin, Mar 2019
Thank you Haayur Grandma:
  • BEST

Thank you Haayur Grandma: First of all heart full thanks to Haayur grandma, I have hair fall last 5 years I felt I won’t get hair back but my Haayur grandma help me out to bring my confidence, happiness. Thanks again.

Lovely Manual Mumbai, Jan 2019
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Haayur is safe like you in your mother‘s hand. 100% Natural, no harm and better result.