Botanical Name: indigoferra tinctoria
Parts used: Leaf

Neela Amari is widely found in South Asia. It is a woody shrub with purple blue colour flower and yellowish seeds. This can be used in Ayurveda for many medicinal purposes. Treatment of gout, epilepsy, asthma, abdominal and spleen diseases, parasites, cough, poison, depression etc.

One of the important uses of Neelayamari is its use in Haircare. The leaves can be used in the hair oil. This can promote hair growth and also gives conditioning for hair. The powdered and dried leaves can be used as the natural dye.

Botanical Name: emblica offcinalis
Parts used: Fruit

Amla (Emblic Myrobalans) Therapy Botanically called Phyllanthus emblica, it is a rich source of vitamin C, amino acid, lipids, tannin, polyphenolic compounds and other essential oils. It is a common and primary ingredient for many Ayurvedic hair products due to its amazing benefits. Amla hair oil are traditionally believed to nourish the hair and scalp and prevent premature grey hair. Amla is good to prevent hair loss, hair fall and plays a vital role in the overall health of hair. Amla is also helps to make the hair grow and dark color and prevents baldness due to the presence of carotene and iron.

Botanical Name: Eclipta Alba
Sanskrit Synonyms:
Markava, Kesharanjana – helps to relieve grey hairs.
Bhringaraja – Helps to achieve silky and shiny hairs.

Itis commonly known as Bhringraj and it is widely distributed throughout India, Nepal, China, Thailand, and Brazil. The various Sanskrit names of Eclipta Alba, i.e. Bhringraj, Bhringraja, Bhrungraja etc., are literally translated as the 'King of Hair', clearly referring to its traditional reputation in Ayurveda as an herb supporting hair growth and it has a cooling property which is how it prevents hair loss by cooling down the head. 90% of the Ayurvedic hair oils are using Bringaraj as one of its key ingredients.

Botanical Name: cardiospermum halicacabum
Parts used: Whole Plant

Uzhinja is a climbing plant widely produced in the plains of Africa, America, Bangladesh and India Its general names include: balloon vine, heart vine, love-in-a-puff, etc. The roots, leaves and seeds of the herb are used to make herbal medicines.

The oil prepared using Cardiospermm halicacabum, Amla and coconut oil promotes hair growth and prevents flaky and dry itchy scalp and premature graying and hair fall. It also provides a soothing effect. It is useful in cases of sleeplessness and headache.

Botanical Name: datura stramonium
Parts used: Leaves | Seed

Ummam is a wild herb commonly found in India. The flowers are in creamy white colour. Most of the parts of this herb using for medicinal purpose, for making of Kathir Keśānta, we are using Ummam leaves and the seeds. Datura stramonium belongs to the family solanaceae.

This herb is effective on scalp to treat hair loss and itchy flaky scalp.

Botanical Name: ecbolium viride
Parts used: Leaves

Karimkurinji is a traditional Ayurvedic medicinal shrub, species of Ecbolium of the family Acanthaceae . Commonly found in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh where widely used for medicinal purpose. The leaves of Karimkurinji is a rich source of Potassium and used for making Ayurvedic Rasayana.

This herb having anti inflammatory properties, so it can be used against scalp problems.

Botanical Name: terminalia bellarica
Parts used: Fruit

Terminalia bellerica is a large deciduous tree to 50 m tall, found widely throughout India, Sri Lanka, South- East Asia, etc. The plant parts are used in the traditional system of medicines like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani & Chinese medicine. The triterpenoid present in the fruits possess significant antimicrobial activity. Thankkia is widely used for making hair tonics because of its anti bacterial antioxidant properties.

Botanical Name: terminalia chebula
Parts used: Fruit

Terminalia chebula is a medium to large herbal tree. Kadukka can be used for different hair problems and this wonderful herb can maintain your hair healthy. There are many other reasons that the kadukka is one of the key ingredients of Ayurvedic medicines. It has antibacterial and anti fungal properties that healing and cleanses the skin wounds and prevents the scalp problems and reduce hair loss hence to grow new hairs. Effective against hair loss, treating itchy and flaky scalp, premature graying control etc.

Iratti Madhuram
Botanical Name: glicyrrhiza glabra
Parts used: Root

Iratti Madhuram is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra from which a sweet flavour can be extracted. The liquorice plant is a herbaceous perennial legume native to southern Europe and parts of Asia. The roots of the plant which is 50 times sweeter than sugar. It constituted phytoconstituents such as glycyrrhizin, glycyrrhizinic acid, glabrin A&B, glycyrrhetol, glabrolide, isoglabrolide, isoflavones, coumarins, triterpene sterols.

It is good for healthy hair and scalp and taken care of hair fall due to the presence of such elements. Rinsing the hair with Irattimaduram root helps in treating dandruff. The amazing properties of glicyrrhiza glabra help in soothing the scalp by reducing various scalp conditions like dryness and dandruff.

Botanical Name: abrus pricatorius
Parts used: Root

Abrus Precatorius is one of the important herb commonly known as Indian licorice belonging to family Fabaceae. It is reported to have a broad range of therapeutic effects, like anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-tumor, analgesic, antiinflammatory, anti-migraine etc. The seed is good against graying of hair, a paste of leaves and seeds are applied over the hair traditionally in order to prevent hair graying.

Botanical Name: cedrus deodara
Parts used: Bark

Deodara is an evergreen conifer tree reaching up to 85 m height with almost rough black, furrowed bark and spreading branches. The dark colored oil obtained from the wood is used to treat ulcers and skin diseases. Devadaru’s woody odor, epidermic and antiseptic properties can be useful in herbal product fragrances. Cedar oil is often used because of its aromatic properties, especially in aromatherapy.

Traditionally, deodara plant was used to enhance brain function, hence balance the mind, body connection and active nervous system.

Cow’s Milk
Botanical Name: ksheeram
Parts used: As it is

Cow’s milk is a wonderful ingredient to the Ayurvedic oils, where the oil has nourishing and rejuvenating properties when combined to certain herbs and oil. The processed oil is beneficial when massage the head it gives a great soothing effect and it is also used to calm the burning sensations. When the preparation of Kathir Keśānta, the milk is the final ingredient. The total ingredients are powdered and it is processed in coconut oil. When “chelipakam” is obtained Milk is added to it, and further boiled up to “Kharapakam.

Coconut oil
Botanical Name: cocos nucifera

The coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) is a member of the family Arecaceae (palm family) and the only species of the genus Cocos. Coconut Oil can protect the hair against damage, moisturise Skin and it is functionally act as a sunscreen Coconut oil can be use for various purposes that have nothing to do with eating it. Many people are using it for cosmetic purposes and to improve the health and appearance of their skin and hair. Studies on individuals with dry skin show's that coconut oil can improve the moisture and fat content of the skin Coconut oil can also be very protective against hair damage and study's shows effectiveness as sunscreen, blocking about 20% of the sun's ultraviolet rays.


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